Room A: 245 sq. ft - 1 hour $20 3 hours for $50.00 or $17.50/hour

Room B: 245 sq. ft - $40/hour recording (includes engineer); 3 hour rehearsal, $50.00

Room C and Room E: 185 sq. ft. - $15.00 per hour - no minimum

Room D: 300 sq. ft. - 3 hours for $60.00 - or 25 per hour

Drum Practice - any room as availble- $10 per hour

Cymbals will be an additional $5

All rooms are equipped with pro audio equipment and full backline. iPod/mp3 player cababilities are in every room. Keyboards are available if needed and we have enough microphones for your needs. Any special requests (empty rooms, monitors, dj setup, cd player, DI, etc.) just provide information while booking.


LA Rehearsal Commercial



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